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Thanks for visiting our About Us page, here you will find a brief overview about who we are, what we are about and what we do

Who Are We

We are a small, but perfectly formed, team of content creators and marketers based on the stunning Causeway Coast of Ireland

Our Mission

To promote the amazing places you’d like to go to through helping those who live, work and play close by develop their online presence

What We Do

We help individuals, groups and business develop their online presence and drive customers to the things that they offer.

Our history

Content Kings brings together over ten years of website and content development by our founder, Colin, to make actionable online marketing and marketing education in the Sport, Leisure and Tourism sectors available to those who want to learn.

Since before 2018, when Content Kings was born, we have started and grown our portfolio of sites in the Sport, Leisure and Tourism that have driven traffic and generated revenue. 

The journey hasn’t always been comfortable, and we’ve made loads of mistakes along the way that cost us time and money.  Throughout this, though, the one constant has been our passion for learning that stems from our love for what we do and an open mindset. The content on this site, along with our portfolio sites and in our courses, comes from the knowledge and learning that we have gathered along the way.

We’ve taken what we’ve tested and found what works, and moulded it into step-by-step Coaching that beginners and pros alike can use to start, grow and supercharge their online presence. We ran, or surfed, around for years trying to stitch together information from blogs, facebook groups, forums, podcasts, YouTube and masterminds. We always found it a challenge to know who to trust when trying to find answers to our questions. 

This resulted in lots of frustration from hearing conflicting views, so we decided to put our scientific and analytical backgrounds to use and fond out for ourselves what works.  We decided to document everything that we did, both what worked and what didn’t as a way to help us get better and help others. 

This process allowed us to find a problem, look at what caused it and try to solve it. Using our background in Coaching, education and training of vocational subjects, we were able to develop pathways and blueprints that others could follow with ease. When other people found out about what we had developed, they wanted us to do it for them, and fortunately, due to redundancy, our founder took the opportunity with both hands.

Content Kings was born out of the idea of sharing the best online marketing knowledge that we had gathered and tested, then effectively using it help others learn and develop in a way that is easy for you to follow.

We’re much more than just teachers, coaches and marketers. From our portfolio of sites in the sport, leisure and tourism space, we are continually learning and sharing knowledge of what’s working now. 

Why We’re Not Special

Please, don’t think of us as online marketing gurus.

If truth be told, we hate the cheesy side of online marketing just as much as you, probably more. We cringe just a little whenever we see sales pages with fake countdown timers, that generally never hit zero, and photos of sports cars with “you could have this if….” slogans.

Many marketers, we have found, put a considerable amount of effort into making you feel good. While we will try and be supportive, it’s just not us. 

We focus our time on giving you as much actionable and fluff-free information as possible. We use our backgrounds in Coaching and education to deliver training the way we’d want to learn ourselves: by giving honest, practical, advice that almost anyone can follow.

We want to achieve our goals with integrity; therefore, we only recommend products and services to you that we are behind, regardless of any commissions we could get (one of the perks of running a stable of websites is we don’t need their commission). 

If something sucks, we’ll tell you why we think it does.

We’re not here to sell you a dream that you never reach. We’re here to help you make money and guide you there, every step of the way.

Why We Do This

First of all, we’re big nerds. We find this kind of stuff fun, which anyone who asks us about will quickly learn (apologies in advance). Our founder, Colin, did this as a past time while commuting (two hours each way) to work for many years before leaping to start Content Kings.

Plus, seeing our friends, family and others that we have helped to develop content for is a significant part of what keeps us motivated to grow Content Kings even further.

This could be anything from someone growing their company site more than they thought was possible using what we have taught them. Or it could be selling your website for thousands of euros or pounds.

Why Content Kings?

You can fully trust that the advice we give you is based on real-world experience, not just something we’ve read on another bog or heard at a conference. We use the tactics and strategies we use with you ourselves every day in our own sites. Unlike most online marketers, agencies and consultants, we have skin in the game. We run a stable of sites in the Sport, Leisure and Tourism sectors.

We are always hugely disappointed when we read advice or attend conferences and hear others tell us and you “just create great content”. OK, but can you tell us specifically what that means and what is the process for that!

This is where at Content Kings, we try to bridge the gap. We only use methods that comply with Google’s, as well as Facebook, Twitter and anyone else we use, terms of service. Yet we’ll leave you with ideas you can go away and implement.

Our 6-D process



Before we start working with a client, we do a full search of the business and discover how you are being seen by your customers online.



Here we work with you to define what you want from the business, who your ideal customer is and how you are currently funnelling prospective customers into the business.



Once we have defined the outcomes of the project, we design a strategy for our content marketing, including audits, content and promotion of the material.



Here, with your input, we develop the content for publishing on your site and social media platforms, including written, audio and visual materials



Once we are both happy with the content and plan for promoting it, we deploy it on your site and through your promotional channels, such a social and email campaigns




The final phase of the project, which is often overlooked by most agencies is to drive traffic to the content through analysis and optimisation of the material and its promotion.

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Would you like to start a project with us?

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