5 Vital Marketing Skills That Help Teams Produce Consistently Great Content

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5 Vital Marketing Skills That Help Teams Produce Consistently Great Content

5 Vital Marketing Skills That Help Teams Produce Consistently Great Content

Marketing has always been an excellent potential to impact people’s lives. Career growth and marketing skills don’t come easy in a field that travels at the speed of light. Every weak organisation demands an evolved skill set out of their staff.

The competition in the market has grown stiff that if it is updated and evolved with the trends and changes, your content might retain its grasp that has its own audience. To stay valid and also be able to offer value, some vital marketing skills guide some of the greatest teams in the world to make great content consistently.

These skills have team and personal benefits. They don’t just offer extreme flexibility as a team to make many successful marketing campaigns but also observe every marketer be visible as an individual.


As a marketer, you must know that storytelling is not necessarily mean telling your audience what your service or product does or what it has done. Effective storytelling includes an immense understanding of motivations, human emotions, and psychology to communicate effectively, authentically and engagingly with the audience.

The best marketers are great at storytelling and problem solvers. Content creators must know to ask, “what issue is this piece solving for your audience”.

There are many ways to tell a story, but one that has proved more powerful is the “The story Spine” formula, made by expert playwright Kenn Adams. This kind of storytelling is expressed by implementing the story’s key element, the critical element of action, a variation from the norm, the effect and the cause of the variant, and then the logical conclusion of what the key ingredients have grabbed from the actions. This kind of storytelling is rational, practical and smooth.

Beginning with “Once upon a time” and “Until finally” is about storytelling. The story spine is not just a story; it’s the spine that acts as a backbone to a built story. And that is what makes it a more effective tool.

Try to implement this formula for your brand or product, as it has proven records of success over time for Pixar Studios.


There are always zillion and one thing that can be done at every point in time, but being a great prioritise plays a vital role in your team’s and content’s success. Making great content consistently means saying “Yes” to many excellent ideas and chances. There should be “No” expressions here.

To develop this marketing skill and prioritise content and campaigns that will work at a high level, you must know goal setting to an extent.

You can also implement the goal-setting framework, as manual goal-setting can be ineffective. Loads of them are available, such as the OKRs, Locke, BHAGs, etc.


This is important for teams to work on a great content marketing campaign as our respective knowledge base is growing more and more specialised. This is explained better with the help of Write Brothers and designing a plane instance, where just two people were building it in 1903. In contrast, Boeing has a handful of specialists working on the engines alone. Then there are controls and another airframe. There is an excellent range of specialised skills needed.

There is a growing need for collaboration among experts within companies to get a service or product off the ground.

Trust is the heart of any great team collaboration. It is the willingness and openness to intentionally interact with teammates on your direct team and across the organisation. As a team, we always try hard to make space for people to meet and share ideas physically and virtually. You can also build your office so each department has an easy-to-contact facility like Pixar.


The human brain has zillions of neurons devoted to visual processing, almost thirty-perfect of the whole cortex, compared to eight perfect for touch and three for hearing. This makes us visual beings by nature.

The same is also implied to the most successful marketing teams, where they might need help to interact with messages in written format. Still, they will be able to make perfect designs that help tell a fascinating visual story.

Visual storytelling plays a vital role in the success of all content aspects, and this must be noticed.


Investigating is the best way to come up with so many new ideas. Behind every successful marketing campaign or idea, there are loads of small failures.

A marketing team that is not petrified to fail and is willing to run various tests to validate ideas immediately will usually succeed over a marketing team that puts their ideas into a single campaign. The details, for instance, might have lots of potential story ideas in the QuickScrum task management tool at any one time – prioritising experiments and ideas based on the costs, importance and competitor.