Search Engine Optimisation Services

Search Engine Optimisation Services

To us, SEO is a combination of art and science.

SEO is not adapting to the whims of Google. It’s not reacting to the latest algorithm change and scrabbling around retrospectively. It’s about understanding how people behave online and using that to drive market-leading quality that your customers and all search engines want.


Search engine optimisation is a marathon, not a sprint.

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As a content agency, our content team comprises professionals from different backgrounds – from experienced journalists and PR specialists to self-taught wordsmiths and postgrad-qualified creatives.
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The Irish Search Engine Optimisation agency you can trust for your SEO campaign

Every good marketer understands the considerable power and potential of search engine optimisation, and a number have a good grip on the basics. Still, when it comes to developing a robust SEO strategy, you need SEO experts. These SEO professionals have a proven track record of getting onto the first page of Google rankings and other major search engines. Content Kings SEO experts are just that.
We produce professional SEO and content marketing services that are best in class, ethical and convertible. Other Belfast SEO agencies quickly paint SEO as a complex and mystical beast. Still, we aim to educate and involve you in our SEO process. We love to showcase our excellent organic search results, which along with adding your context, helps us to produce SEO results together. As a transparent, professional Belfast SEO company, we want you to understand how our SEO Campaign can improve your business’s online visibility.

How we approach SEO

As an award-winning Northern Ireland digital marketing agency, our approach to search engine optimisation, content marketing and digital marketing differs from most. Here at Content Kings, SEO starts with your goals. Our Belfast SEO team & digital marketing department will combine your aims with an SEO audit of your business website to deliver a bespoke larger SEO strategy to grow your organic search visibility.
Our approach to search engine optimisation and content marketing is always long-term while uncovering quick wins, but our top priority is your ROI.
Our professional SEO services are more than just increased organic traffic from Google rankings. Unlike many other Belfast SEO agencies, we tap into the potential of different search engines such as Bing and youtube.

Content Kings Professional SEO Services Include

Local SEO

Local SEO strategies literally put your business on the map, google maps. Aside from ensuring your page ranks for location-based searches such as “SEO Belfast agency” or “SEO Agency Northern Ireland”, Content Kings local SEO services can also help your page rank for terms that don’t include a location. Our Belfast SEO agency helps your page rank locally for the broadest search terms with expertise in delivering consistent citations, Google My Business and managing relevant backlinks.

Technical SEO

Ensuring that everything’s working with the back end of your website is essential. Our technical SEO audits combine our SEO agency expertise, SEO tools and innovative software to understand how Google’s search engine spiders crawl your website. We can then create a practical technical search engine optimisation work and strategy to measure the performance and effectiveness of your website.

Site Migration

Having migrated many websites, we have the expertise you need to migrate your website with as little disruption to search rankings or organic traffic as possible. So if you want to move to a new host or domain or move things around internally, we can provide you with mappings and technical expertise or even just do it for you.

On-Page Content Optimisation

Our SEO services and content marketing teams work together to produce quality content or take your existing content and use SEO correlation and entities to make your content pop, bringing in more organic traffic and improving your search engine rankings. Content Kings search engine optimisation experts produce keyword-driven, quality content that hits your brand’s unique voice and conforms to Google’s EAT guidelines.

Industry and Competitor Analysis

Identifying the right keywords and monitoring your local competition and those on the search engine results pages is a crucial stage. We study the strengths and weaknesses of your online competitors to find out how you can dominate against them. Our Northern Ireland SEO services team monitors your and your competitors’ website rankings using the latest rank-tracking software.

Professional Link Building & Outreach

Despite what many say, backlinks still play a massive role in SEO. Google may be learning about what constitutes a great site. Still, a strong backlink profile is essentially the vote of confidence you can’t do without. Our SEO company doesn’t build backlinks for the sake of it. We know that a single great link is worth a thousand shoddy ones. Therefore, we use techniques such as PR, link placements and citations to gain quality links that reflect your industry and boost your domain rating.

SEO Audit

Google has said it has over 200 ranking factors to calculate a page’s quality: the number of backlinks, page structure, content and user experience. Our bespoke SEO audit puts your site to the test. Our Belfast SEO services team has a range of specialisms. This ensures that you won’t be stung by any penalties and will be best placed to benefit from future Google algorithm updates.

SEO Reporting Using Google Data Studio

In addition to our SEO services here at Content Kings, we offer our SEO clients access to your own bespoke Google Data Studio dashboard that incorporates your google analytics and keyword research. You will have full access to monitor the status and success of your SEO campaign, SEO Strategy and other agreed-upon KPIs and SEO Belfast services. In addition to your Google Data Studio dashboard, you will receive SEO reports by email at the beginning of the month.

The Search Engine Optimisation services team

These friendly digital marketing guys on the SEO team love to get nerdy about link profiles, keyword research, search engine algorithm changes and the latest social media techniques. They’re also responsible for 90% of the early-noughties pop-punk played in the office.

Ultimately, we fuse comprehensive data from your market and audience, including your website, to form a strategy that maximises accessibility, engagement and revenue.

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