7 Scientifically Proven Ways to Get More Clicks on Your Content

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By CKMAdmin

7 Scientifically Proven Ways to Get More Clicks on Your Content

Every day millions of posts fly through the internet. However, only 10 in a million reflect on the first page of a search engine. Have you ever wondered why it is so? What are the distinct factors/factors that separate them from the others? How do they get more clicks?

If you’re curious about the answers to these questions, you just found the right partner. This post will discuss what makes your content click-worthy material for the audience. And how to get more clicks on your content! Read along!

How to Get More Clicks on Your Content?

Getting clicks on your content is like winning a beauty pageant. From beating your competition to standing out to be the one, you must have unique and appealing qualities that distinguish you from the lot. That said, we’ve listed seven ways to help you get more clicks on your content.

A Catchy Title/Heading is The Catch According to a research-based study, it was found that 79 per cent of web users scan and scroll rather than read.

Now, think about how you use the internet. You scroll through the news feed or blogs and stop when you come across an interesting title. Similarly, when trying to find any particular information, you only click on the content that seems most relatable to your query.

What makes you do that? Undoubtedly, the heading of the blog/article. Your post’s headline is how you will entice an audience. Besides, the title will convey to the audience what kind of blog/article they’re about to read—entertaining, news, research, tips, opinion, comedy, etc. Also, the title of the post sets the tone for what follows.

Thus, the first step to getting more clicks on your content is to wrap it with an exciting heading. Your headline or title should be so appealing that it could stop the reader’s thumb. Like they actually take a moment to stop scrolling and are compelled to click to read the post.

Upload on Weekends

The theory behind posting content on weekends is people have less going on weekends. They usually spend hours surfing the internet, which boosts the probability of getting more clicks on your content. The post or blog may slip away when the same content is uploaded on weekdays.

If your motto is just to get more clicks on your content, then a catchy headline would do the trick. However, for the audience to stay and read the whole blog, you must be careful when uploading the content.

Besides, if you still want your content to go live on weekdays, ensure you know at what time of the day people surf the internet the most. Tools like follower wonk can help you see when your audience is online and plan accordingly.

For instance, people usually surf social networking sites after office hours. If your content has to go live on any social networking site, a time after office hours will work best for you. However, if it is a news piece, it should be uploaded as soon as it is discovered. Simple math, right?

Bring in Some Numbers

Let’s take an example – reasons why original blog content is essential and 4 reasons why original blog content is important.

Which one of the two seems more appealing to you? Most of you will click on the second option two. Why? Because numbers are a constructive way to capture attention and keep the reader interested. Besides, they also indicate conclusiveness, a definitive starting and end, which is comforting to the audience.

Whether your content appears in a news report, a popup blog or a query search, including a number will make the content stand out. In other words, list posts are tried and tested content formats designed to get results.

What kind of results, you ask? Well, for starters, more clicks, more engagement and high social shares. Other than that, more organic traffic, more conversions, and less bounce rate. A survey performed by the conductor also states that numbered headline posts are most liked by the people.

Make the Post Solution-Centric

Yes, we are talking about the how-to and why types of posts. These types of content record a great response from the audience. Because, in these posts, the audience gets a solution for their query. Think about it. You switch to Google to find the answers whenever you are in a pickle.

For instance, how to recover deleted photos, lose weight in 10 days, etc. Here the reader is assuming to get an immediate solution to their problem, which makes them click the post.

On the other hand, posts that answer the ‘Whys’ also attract a massive response from the audience. For example, why is time management critical, and why MBA is beneficial for a successful career? In these types of posts, the reader’s curiosity is satisfied. And it’s no hidden secret that we tend to spend time on things which bring us a definite answer with reason.

Ask a Question

Another way to get more clicks on your content is by asking questions to the audience. Questions that can make them think critically for a moment and look through the content. For instance, if your post starts with does obesity lead to migraine attacks, are you fit to lead your team or is going vegan healthier?

It will make the reader question. Moreover, these are types of questions the readers need help answering. It leaves the readers curious to find the answer while reading. So, suppose you’re writing about things significant to your audience and ask an intriguing question. You’ll reach the right audience for your blog and business in that case.

Use Keyword Generators

You wrote a well-informative blog with multiple citations after conducting thorough research. But, the blog needs to get attention or expected responses despite being informative. Have you ever wondered why?

That’s because even if you have written a well-contained blog without inserting related keywords, the content won’t rank in the search engine. And, the lesser it is visible to the audience, the higher its chances of getting no response.

Thus, always try to insert keywords related to your post in the headline. So that when the reader attempts to find something related to that topic, your content pops up. Also, try to use secondary keywords in the content to boost the chances of getting clicks.

Tools like LSI Graph can be used to find the right keywords for your post. Also, if you want to write about something trending on the internet, you can take the help of Google Trends. Trending topics also get instant clicks on the content.

Remodel the Post

If you have tried every method and the result is zero, it is always better to restructure the post. Sometimes, only changing the content headline can get you more clicks than before. However, if your topic is something people do not pay much heed to, then you should reconsider.

For instance, if your target audience is vegetarian and your blog speaks for the non-vegetarian crowd, it is obvious to fall flat. Thus, to ensure your content gets more clicks, write posts that are relevant to your audience. And, time and again, keep updating it to boost its ranking.

Final Words

Indeed, these tips on how to get more clicks are no rocket science. You must have thought of it while writing or posting the content. However, what might be missing is their significance. Try and always write your content, considering these seven ways to ensure your post gets more clicks and engagement.