What Do B2B, B2C and C2C Mean in eCommerce?

Although e-commerce, similar technologies and applications are identical, according to the parties, There are nine different types of businesses, business-to-consumer, business-to-state and consumer-to-state eCommerce. Business to Business (B2B) As the electronic business world continues to multiply, the future success of businesses worldwide increasingly depends on organisations’ collaborative business capabilities and their work at Internet speeds. To … Read more

What Is Content Marketing Strategy?

What Is Content Marketing Strategy?  For some time, Content Marketing has become a fundamental aspect of any digital strategy so that, in many cases, only some action can be conceived to implement it. So, if you are not yet using Content Marketing in your strategy, situations like these may be happening to you, which I … Read more

The Cheat Sheet for Matching Content to Different Stages of the Customer Journey

Your brand must publish excellent content to attract customers, convert sales and inspire loyalty. With this in mind, you should create a comprehensive plan that supplies your customers with the information and support they need during their journey with your brand. As part of your strategy, you must produce relevant, engaging content at the right … Read more

How To Create Linkable Content On A Budget

You’re almost as sick of hearing that “content is king” as us. Still, the years’ old digital marketing buzzphrase is one of the most enduringly true in the industry. According to Google’s search quality senior strategist Andrey Lipattsev, content is the most critical ranking factor – and has been for years. Suppose you want to succeed in … Read more

How to Do Content Marketing For eCommerce Websites

Competition in the eCommerce space can be brutal. A 2022 study of consumer behaviour found that nearly 90% of online buyers check Amazon even if they find the product they need on another website. What’s more worrying is that 55% of customers begin their product hunt directly on Amazon. Even if your buyer was one of the … Read more


For a busy business, consistently creating good content can seem like another thing on your growing marketing to-do list, but that extra work pays off. With the explosive growth of businesses worldwide, good content is a distinctive advantage for any business hoping to attract and retain a customer. Blogging, in particular, can pay off big … Read more

Why Storytelling Is Not a Content Marketing Panacea

 Why Storytelling Is Not a Content Marketing Panacea Go ahead and access any content marketing guide. We’ll let this be your choice for our brief experiment. You’ll find a vital tip: storytelling is a must! This technique is being presented as the panacea for content marketing. It’s the ultimate solution for all troubles you may encounter throughout … Read more