4 Simple Yet Effective Content Marketing Strategies to Grow Your eCommerce Business

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4 Simple Yet Effective Content Marketing Strategies to Grow Your eCommerce Business

4 Simple Yet Effective Content Marketing Strategies to Grow Your eCommerce Business

Content marketing is one of the most effective strategies to grow an eCommerce business. Not only does it help you to reach a more targeted audience, but it also makes people trust your brand. Also, it’s suitable for lead qualification. It can help you automatically get more leads for your business without lifting a finger.

This post shows you four simple yet effective content marketing strategies which you can use to grow your eCommerce business.

These include:

  • Using educational content to offer value to your target audience
  • Leveraging the power of emails to communicate with your customers
  • Guest posting on other websites
  • Showing up as an expert on Quora, Reddit, and YouTube platforms.

This post explains all these strategies in detail and what you should do to get the best results. If you use these strategies correctly, you stand a better chance of growing your eCommerce business dramatically.

Body of the content

If you run an eCommerce store, chances are you’re using content marketing to grow your eCommerce business.

This is because most businesses now rely on content marketing as the core marketing strategy to get the word out about what they do.

Research by Demand Metric shows that content marketing outperforms traditional marketing regarding ROI. Not only that, it costs 62% less to use it when compared to a conventional form of marketing.

This shows that if you use content marketing for your eCommerce business, you’ll minimize the cost spent in marketing and most likely get more ROI.

In this post, I want to show you the content marketing strategies that work for eCommerce businesses. With these strategies, you can grow your eCommerce business dramatically.

Let’s get started.

Content Marketing for E-commerce: Does it Really Help?

Suppose you aren’t using content marketing for your eCommerce business yet. In that case, you might wonder if it’s a tactic that works. Truth is, content marketing, if used strategically, can snowball the results you get for your eCommerce business.

Here are some of the advantages of using content marketing for eCommerce.

Helps you to Reach More Potential Customers:

When you use content marketing for your eCommerce store, you stand a better chance of reaching more potential customers.

The reason is simple. Most users nowadays check for reviews online before making any purchase. And, if you use content marketing well, you’re positioning yourself as the brand they can trust.

In fact, Inc reports that about 84% of people who buy online check out online reviews before making a buying decision.

With content marketing, you can turn this into a goldmine for your business.

Makes Your Brand a Trusted Hub for Your Leads

Buyers are more competent these days. And if you want them to like and buy from you, you should earn their trust. While there are many ways to make people’s trust, content marketing helps you achieve that faster.

Suppose someone stumbles on your website through Google, and you take the time to educate them about a burning question they have using content. In that case, you stand a better chance of gaining their trust.

For instance, someone wants to buy hospital bag items for their upcoming delivery. If the person searches online and finds your in-depth guide about the “hospital bag checklist”, where you explain what they need and what they don’t, what do you think will happen?

They become your fan forever. And if your eCommerce store sells hospital bag items, they will most likely buy from you. Such is the power of content marketing.

Useful for Lead Qualification

When you use other forms of marketing, you can determine those you want to see your ads. Still, you need help to control who eventually comes into your funnel.

With content marketing, you can manage your day-to-day tasks effectively, have a unique qualification system, and make more money.

This is because, with content marketing, you have different funnels for each persona. That way, only some are exposed to your offers simultaneously.

When you do this, you can streamline the process for qualifying those who eventually purchase from you.

Excellent Source of Targeted Leads on Autopilot

One thing about content marketing is that it provides targeted leads for your business in the long run without lifting a finger.

Unlike paid ads, you must run new campaigns anytime you want more leads. Content marketing can be a lead-generation tool for your online business if used correctly.

And the most beautiful part. You don’t need to do any hard work to make this happen. All you need to do is create applicable, valuable content optimized for search engines.

Once done, you’re sure to get as many leads as you need for your eCommerce business on an ongoing basis.

Content Marketing Strategies You Can Use to Grow Your eCommerce Business.

Now that you can see how content marketing can help your e-commerce business grow let’s get into the specifics of the strategies I highly recommend.

You must know that there are a lot of content marketing strategies out there. But the ones I’ll mention in this post are simple to implement yet effective for your eCommerce business.

Implement Educational Content Marketing

If you wish to see tremendous results for your eCommerce business, then this strategy is something you should implement. The tactic is simple yet effective.

Educational content marketing entails that, rather than blatantly selling to your audience, you should take time to educate them.

As an eCommerce business owner, most of your content marketing activities should be geared towards educating your audience. The more you do this, the more they trust you. Buying from you will be much easier when they trust your brand.

Take, for instance, if you have an eCommerce store that sells computer accessories. You should first focus on creating educational content that anyone who wants to buy computer accessories will learn from.

Examples of educational content you can create include:

  • Things to consider before buying a Mac laptop
  • How to know if any part of your computer is faulty
  • Where to get the best accessories for your computer
  • Tips on selecting the right accessories you need

One example of an eCommerce brand that used this strategy is Casper. The company which sells mattresses and sleep products used educational content to promote them.

To do this, they created a blog, Van Winkles, which revolves around sleep to engage with and target its customers.

Although the blog was later shut down in 2017 because the company wanted to launch a print publication instead. Some topics discussed on the blog include sleep foundations, celebrity sleeping patterns, how to prevent snoring while sleeping, and so many more.

While it lasted, the blog was used as a standalone hub to make the brand a household name within a few years.

This is one of the content marketing strategies you can use for your eCommerce business to help it grow.

Leverage the Power of Email Marketing

Email campaign continues to be a robust content marketing strategy. According to Smart Insights, the ROI from emails is as high as £40 for each dollar spent on them.

Not only that, research by the Content Marketing Institute shows that about 80% of B2C marketers use emails to nurture their audience.

This shows that email marketing is a strategy that can help your eCommerce business to grow. So, if you aren’t using emails for your eCommerce store yet, you’re leaving so much on the table.

Email automation software allows you to create and automate your emails to your potential customers. These include event emails, promotional emails, and welcome emails.

To get started with using email for your eCommerce business, here are some specific types you can focus on:

  • Abandoned cart emails: Take, for instance, someone who wants to make a purchase but can’t complete the checkout process. In this case, you can send an email to the client reminding them about the cart which was abandoned and explain to them why this happens, and proffer a solution. In most cases, you should be able to convert this type of client to eventually make a purchase.
  • Emailing previous customers: When someone buys a product from your eCommerce store once, they’re more likely to purchase other products some other time. You can send emails recommending additional products based on their previous purchases to prompt them to do this. That way, you’re more likely to drive more traffic and boost sales for your business. This is because you’re reaching out to people who appreciate what you do and won’t hesitate to spend more money on your products.
  • Sending promotional emails: Promotional emails are great for prompting existing customers to become repeat buyers. All you need to do is identify the promotional items that match your customer’s buying history and send emails informing them about it.

Create Content for Other Websites in Your Niche

Creating content for other websites, also known as guest posting, is another content marketing strategy you can use to grow your eCommerce business. The reason is simple. As a business owner, chances are that there are potential customers out there who don’t know about you.

When you create content for other websites in your niche, you make your brand awareness.

Not only that, but guest posting is also an excellent off-page SEO practice. When you do so, they’ll most likely link to a page on your website, passing a vote of confidence.

To get started with guest posting, you only need to search for other authoritative websites in your niche and write for them.

To do this effectively, you can start with a Google search.

Let’s assume that you sell pet food on your eCommerce store.

You can search Google for “pet blog + write for us.”

From the results you get after this Google search, you can come up with a list of potential websites you can write for.

Afterwards, you can check these websites one after the other to understand their guest post requirements and the webmaster contact to reach out to.

Then, you can start pitching them about your desire to write a guest post for them. You can build a long-lasting relationship with other eCommerce websites in your niche if done well.

Show Up as an Expert

When people see you as an expert in your niche, they’re more likely to trust and eventually do business with you. This is why showing up as an expert is a content marketing strategy you should use.

The most exciting thing about this strategy is that it doesn’t require you to do much from your end. All you need to do is show up strategically where your target audience hangs out and offers solutions to their problems.

Here are some platforms where you can get started as an expert:

  • Quora: This is a question-and-answer website where you can share knowledge with your target customers. The more questions you answer, the more people see you as an expert. You can start by checking out and responding to people’s questions about your niche.
  • Reddit: This is the place to go if you’re looking for a network of online communities based on your interest. On Reddit, you can join subreddits that resonate with your niche and join the ongoing discussions over there. If people love what you share on the platform, they can upvote your content, making it reach more people.
  • YouTube: YouTube is the most popular video-sharing platform in the world. According to Statista, YouTube has 2 billion active monthly users.

This means you can reach more people on the video-sharing platform and grow your eCommerce business. To start, you can create a YouTube channel about what you sell on your eCommerce store and share helpful video content with your followers.


Content marketing, if used correctly, can become a game-changer for your eCommerce business. This is because it has the potential to help you reach a broad audience and make more people trust your brand.

In this post, I’ve shared with you 4 content marketing strategies that are easy to use but highly effective for growing your eCommerce business.

These include:

  • Using educational content to offer value to your target audience
  • Leveraging the power of emails to communicate with your customers
  • Guest posting on other websites
  • Showing up as an expert on Quora, Reddit, and YouTube platforms.

Which content marketing strategies will you start with for your eCommerce business?